St Patrick – Kiss me – ROLLER

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May your neighbors respect you, Trouble neglect you, The angels protect you, And heaven accept you.

May you live to be a hundred years, With one extra year to repent!

There's the joy of ole' Killarney, in these wishes meant for you; There's a bit of Irish blarney, and a touch of magic too -- There's a wish of lots of laughter, and good luck, be sure o' that; And a wish that all your dreams may come true in no time flat.

There is no wise man without fault.

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[ St Patrick – Kiss me – ROLLER ].

An old broom knows the dirty corners best.

A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures.

Ireland, sir, for good or evil, No other place under Heaven. And no man can touch its sod Or breathe its air without becoming Better or worse.

A hound's food is in its legs.

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