St Patrick – Kiss me – ROCHESTER

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Holy Mother take the harm of the years away from you.

An old broom knows the dirty corners best.

Forgetting a debt doesn’t mean it’s paid.

Rye bread will do you good, Barely bread will do you no harm, Wheaten bread will sweeten your blood, Oaten bread will strengthen your arm.

Health and a long life to you. Land without rent to you. A child every year to you. And if you can't go to heaven, May you at least die in Ireland.

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[ St Patrick – Kiss me – ROCHESTER ].

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

May you have the health of a salmon -- a strong heart and a wet mouth.

What is but age? Something to count? Some people fight it as if climbing the mount. I choose life with dignity and grace And offer a drink to all in this place!

The older the fiddle, the sweeter the tune.

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