St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – ROBILLARD

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Two shorten the road.

The race of men named the Gael, Is a race God surely made mad. For all of their wars are merry And all of their loves are sad.

The raggy colt often made a powerful horse.

May the wind always be at your back

Always remember to forget The friends that proved untrue. But never forget to remember Those that have stuck by you.

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[ St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – ROBILLARD ].

May the luck of the Irish Lead to happiest heights And the highway you travel Be lined with green lights.

May your heart be light and happy, may your smile be big and wide, and may your pockets always have a coin or two inside!

Here's to those who wish us well, as for the rest, they can go to Hell!

The reason the Irish are always fighting each other Is they have no other worthy opponents.

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