St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – RIST

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May I see you grey And combing your grandchildren's hair.

Where the tongue slips, it speaks the truth.

If you want praise, die. If you want blame, marry.

Work is the curse of the drinking class.

Hoping to recoup ruins the gambler.

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[ St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – RIST ].

Health and a long life to you. Land without rent to you. A child every year to you. And if you can't go to heaven, May you at least die in Ireland.

If you come up in this world be sure not to go down in the next.

For the test of the heart is trouble And it always comes with years. And the smile that is worth the praises of earth Is the smile that shines through the tears.

A man's best friend is his mother until he meets his wife.

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