St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – RESTREPO

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May your heart be warm and happy With the lilt of Irish laughter Every day in every way And forever and ever after.

Here's to a sweetheart, a bottle, and a friend. The first beautiful, the second full, the last ever faithful.

'Tis only a stepmother would blame you: There's no need to be embarrassed or feel badly about committing a small offense, if the deed is so insignificant that only a jealous, belittling stepmother could find fault with you.

If you want to be criticized, marry.

May the luck of the Irish Lead to happiest heights And the highway you travel Be lined with green lights.

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[ St patrick – Kiss me – Drunk – Drink – RESTREPO ].

Mothers [fathers] hold their children's hands for just a little while... And their hearts forever.

May the grass grow long on the road to hell for want of use.

A watched kettle never boils.

The wearer best knows where the shoe pinches.

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