Power Of Irish Setter Woman – SkyPin

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"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." -Oscar Wilde

When fire is applied to a stone it cracks.

If one could only teach the English how to talk and the Irish how to listen, society would be quite civilized.

The raggy colt often made a powerful horse.

May you live long, Die happy, And rate a mansion in heaven.

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[ Power Of Irish Setter Woman – SkyPin ].

Be neither intimate nor distant with the clergy.

What butter and whiskey will not cure there's no cure for.

May the luck of the Irish possess you. May the devil fly off with your worries. May God bless you forever and ever.

The words that I've said I meant when I spoke and remember my words of wisdom feck'em if you can't take a joke. -Brian O'Toole

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