Patrick Day LIKE Beer

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There tends to be a black sheep in even the whitest flock.

Love all men -- except lawyers.

May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rains fall soft upon your fields.

The man with the boots does not mind where he places his foot.

May there be spring enough in your life to outlast the winters; May there be guitars (and drums) enough to lift your spirits whenever you need it; May you be gentle enough to comfort those who are hurting, But revolutionary enough to bring heaven to those who need it now. May there always be a leprechaun near you to bring out laughter and dance and the child in you. And may God always have room enough for you in the palm of his hand! – Donated by Gregory Hicks

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[ Patrick Day LIKE Beer ].

May the Good Lord take a liking to you, ... but not too soon!

Your friend and your enemy think you will never die.

Story horse? Move aside, Wishbone. "What's the story, horse?" — abbreviated as "story horse?" — is how you ask a buddy what's up. It's a less breezy greeting than its American counterpart, and invites the other person to really dive into what's been going on in life.

Three diseases without shame: Love, itch and thirst.

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