Living in SWANSON with Irish roots

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May the most you wish for Be the least you get.

Put silk on a goat, and it's still a goat.

A drink precedes a story.

May the road rise up before you, and the wind be always at your back, and the good Lord hold you in the hollow of his hands.

Its no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are leaking.

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[ Living in SWANSON with Irish roots ].

Here's to the women that I've loved and all the ones I've kissed. As for regrets, I just have one; that's all the ones I've missed. Oh, womens' faults are many, us men have only two: Every single thing we say, and everything we do.

A wild goose never reared a tame gosling.

A light heart lives long.

As you slide down the banister of life, May the splinters never point the wrong way.

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