Living in ROSADO with Irish roots

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I wish you health, I wish you well, and happiness galore. I wish you luck for you and friends; what could I wish you more? May your joys be as deep as the oceans, your troubles as light as its foam. And may you find, sweet peace of mind, where ever you may roam.

Even a small thorn causes festering.

It is often that a person's mouth broke his nose.

It is a bad hen that does not scratch herself.

May the blessings of each day Be the blessings you need most.

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[ Living in ROSADO with Irish roots ].

May you taste the sweetest pleasures that fortune ere bestowed, and may all your friends remember all the favors you are owed.

As the old cock crows so the young cock learns.

May the Good Lord take a liking to you, ... but not too soon!

If one could only teach the English how to talk and the Irish how to listen, society would be quite civilized.

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