Living in MOJICA with Irish roots

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Acting the maggot: Friend's messing around, being obnoxious? Acting the maggot. Phone taking forever to deliver an iMessage? Acting the maggot. Comparing someone or something to a wriggly little white worm means they're behaving like a fool.

Make the fence or you will pay the plundering.

It is a bad hen that does not scratch herself.

"A life making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing at all." - George Bernard Shaw

Every tide has an ebb save the tide of graces.

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[ Living in MOJICA with Irish roots ].

If you buy what you don’t need you might have to sell what you do.

A wild goose never reared a tame gosling.

The three sharpest things in the world: a thorn in the mud, a hemp rope, a fool's word.

A lock is better than suspicion.

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