Living in KAPLAN with Irish roots

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May the leprechauns be near you, To spread luck along your way. And may all the Irish angels, Smile upon you St. Patrick's Day.

Quiet people are well able to look after themselves.

May you live to be a hundred years, With one extra year to repent!

Here's to eyes in your heads and none in your spuds.

The thief is no threat to the beggar.

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[ Living in KAPLAN with Irish roots ].

Even a small thorn causes festering.

May you always have a cool head and a warm heart.

A boy's best friend is his mother and there's no spancel stronger than her apron string.

May you have: No frost on your spuds, No worms on your cabbage. May your goat give plenty of milk. And if you inherit a donkey, May she be in foal.

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