Living in GUTIERREZ with Irish roots

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Snuff at a wake is fine if there's nobody sneezing over the snuffbox.

Hoping to recoup ruins the gambler.

Lie down with dogs and you’ll rise with fleas.

Always remember that hindsight is the best insight to foresight.

If you're enough lucky to be Irish … You're lucky enough!

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[ Living in GUTIERREZ with Irish roots ].

May those who love us, love us. And those that don't love us, May God turn their hearts. And if He doesn't turn their hearts, May he turn their ankles. So we'll know them by their limping.

May the grass grow long on the road to hell for want of use.

An Irishman is never drunk as long as he can hold onto one blade of grass and not fall off the face of the earth.

May the Lord keep you in His hand And never close His fist too tight.

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