Living in GROSS with Irish roots

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Ireland is rich in literature that understands a soul's yearnings, and dancing that understands a happy heart.

A light heart lives long.

To warm words on a cold day.

May those who love us love us. And those that don't love us, May God turn their hearts. And if He doesn't turn their hearts, May he turn their ankles, So we'll know them by their limping.

There's no worth to a story without an author.

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[ Living in GROSS with Irish roots ].

There's the joy of ole' Killarney, in these wishes meant for you; There's a bit of Irish blarney, and a touch of magic too -- There's a wish of lots of laughter, and good luck, be sure o' that; And a wish that all your dreams may come true in no time flat.

The old pipe gives the sweetest smoke.

Fad saol agat. ("Long life to you.")

It is sweet to drink but bitter to pay for.

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