Living in DALLAS with Irish roots

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The longest road out is the shortest road home.

You must live with a person to know a person. If you want to know me come and live with me.

The Irish are not in a conspiracy to cheat the world by false representations of the merits of their countrymen. No, Sir; the Irish are FAIR PEOPLE; they never speak well of one another.

Lose an hour in the morning and you'll be looking for it all day.

Who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.

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[ Living in DALLAS with Irish roots ].

The treachery returns to the betrayer.

If you’re enough lucky to be Irish... You’re lucky enough!

Seeing is believing, but feeling is the God’s own truth.

May those who love us, love us. And those that don't love us, May God turn their hearts. And if He doesn't turn their hearts, May he turn their ankles. So we'll know them by their limping.

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