Kiss Me Im KIRBY 2015 Tshirt Patrick Day

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Three diseases without shame: Love, itch and thirst.

May you live long, Die happy, And rate a mansion in heaven.

Here's to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one. A pretty girl and an honest one. A cold pint and another one!

May you taste the sweetest pleasures that fortune ere bestowed, and may all your friends remember all the favors you are owed.

On she went, and her maiden smile In safety lighted her round the Green Isle; And blest forever was she who relied Upon Erin's honor and Erin's pride.

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[ Kiss Me Im KIRBY 2015 Tshirt Patrick Day ].

The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Soft words butter no parsnips but they won't harden the heart of a cabbage either.

The mills of God grind slowly but they grind finely.

You must take the little potato with the big potato.

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