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Like the goodness of the five loaves and two fishes, Which God divided among the five thousand men, May the blessing of the King who so divided Be upon our share of this common meal.

Who is a friend but someone to toast, Someone to gibe, someone to roast. My friends are the best friends Loyal, willing and able. Now let's get to drinking! Glasses off the table!

It is a bad hen that does not scratch herself.

Grant me a sense of humor, Lord, The saving grace to see a joke, To win some happiness from life, And pass it on to other folk.

Good health, good life, good beer! – Ed Quigley

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May God grant you many years to live, For sure He must be knowing The earth has angels all too few And heaven is overflowing.

It is better to spend money like there's no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there's no money!

The Irish are not in a conspiracy to cheat the world by false representations of the merits of their countrymen. No, Sir; the Irish are FAIR PEOPLE; they never speak well of one another.

A little kinship is better than a lot of charity.

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