Home is where the Irish Setter is

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When the roaring flames of your love have burned down to embers, may you find that you've married your best friend.

The raggy colt often made a powerful horse.

God is good, but never dance in a small boat.

The Irish are not in a conspiracy to cheat the world by false representations of the merits of their countrymen. No, Sir; the Irish are FAIR PEOPLE; they never speak well of one another.

May there be spring enough in your life to outlast the winters; May there be guitars (and drums) enough to lift your spirits whenever you need it; May you be gentle enough to comfort those who are hurting, But revolutionary enough to bring heaven to those who need it now. May there always be a leprechaun near you to bring out laughter and dance and the child in you. And may God always have room enough for you in the palm of his hand! – Donated by Gregory Hicks

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[ Home is where the Irish Setter is ].

Life is like a cup of tea, it's all in how you make it

Who keeps his tongue keeps his friends.

It's not a matter of upper and lower class but of being up a while and down a while.

May the wind you break always blow down wind.

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