F*ck you im irish

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Neither give cherries to pigs nor advice to a fool.

A trade not properly learned is an enemy.

Two shorten the road.

May there be a fox on your fishing hook And a hare on your bait And may you kill no fish Until St. Brigid's Day.

But the greatest love -- the love above all loves, Even greater than that of a mother... Is the tender, passionate, undying love, Of one beer drunken slob for another.

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[ F*ck you im irish ].

Now sweetly lies old Ireland Emerald green beyond the foam, Awakening sweet memories, Calling the heart back home.

Better good manners than good looks.

Here's to temperance supper, with water in glasses tall, and coffee and tea to end with -- and me not there at all!

May your right hand always Be stretched out in friendship And never in want.

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