eat drink and be irish

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May the hinges of our friendship never grow rusty.

The three sharpest things in the world: a thorn in the mud, a hemp rope, a fool's word.

May the roof above you never fall in, and those gathered beneath it never fall out.

A man may live after losing his life but not after losing his honour.

May the enemies of Ireland never meet a friend.

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[ eat drink and be irish ].

It's no use boiling your cabbage twice.

O Ireland isn't it grand you look -- Like a bride in her rich adornin? And with all the pent-up love of my heart I bid you the top o' the mornin!

Here's to it and for it and do it again. For those that get to it And refuse to do it, May never get to it To do it again.

God made time, but man made haste.

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