BOYD American Crown With Irish Roots

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The world would not make a racehorse of a donkey.

Good health, good life, good beer! – Ed Quigley

May you have food and raiment, a soft pillow for your head. May you be forty years in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead.

The day will come when the cow will have use for her tail.

Here's to the women that I've loved and all the ones I've kissed. As for regrets, I just have one; that's all the ones I've missed. Oh, womens' faults are many, us men have only two: Every single thing we say, and everything we do.

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[ BOYD American Crown With Irish Roots ].

Four blessings upon you... Older whiskey Younger women Faster horses More money

May the wind always be at your back

St. Patrick was a gentleman Who through strategy and stealth Drove all the snakes from Ireland. Here's toasting to his health. But not too many toastings Lest you lose yourself and then Forget the good St. Patrick And see all those snakes again.

An empty sack does not stand.

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