BANKER st patrick day

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If you want praise, die. If you want blame, marry.

It's easy to halve the potato where there's love.

We Irish are too poetical to be poets; we are a nation of brilliant failures, but we are the greatest talkers since the Greeks.

Listen to the sound of the river and you will get a trout.

May the luck of the Irish Lead to happiest heights And the highway you travel Be lined with green lights.

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May the road rise up to meet you: You may recognize this popular blessing (in Irish Gaelic: Go n-éirí an bóthar leat) from Catholic weddings or cross-stitched pillows in Nan's house. One of the main characteristics of Celtic Christianity is the use of images of nature to show how God interacts with people. "May the road rise up to meet you/ May the wind be always at your back/ May the sun shine warm upon you face ..." uses everyday images to mean, may God remove obstacles in your journey through life.

S---- in a bucket: Behold the raunchiest Irish slang used in sports: the English curse word "s---" with an "e" tacked on the end. It's pretty self-explanatory. When the Republic of Ireland's footballer James McCarthy recently tackled the ball into his own net, giving Serbia its first goal of the game, spectators at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin were certainly mumbling this under their breath.

Here's that we may always have A clean shirt A clean conscience And a punt in our pocket. Will you be the lucky one to find a coin in your slice of barmbrack? Will you be the lucky one to find a coin in your slice of barmbrack?

Time is a good storyteller.

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