ASIA American Crown With Irish Roots

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Let your bargain suit your purpose.

May peace and plenty be the first To lift the latch on your door, And happiness be guided to your home By the candle of Christmas.

May your troubles be less And your blessings be more. And nothing but happiness Come through your door.

Here's that we may always have A clean shirt A clean conscience And a punt in our pocket.

May you have food and raiment, A soft pillow for your head, May you be forty years in heaven Before the devil knows you're dead.

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[ ASIA American Crown With Irish Roots ].

As the old cock crows so the young cock learns.

There are only two kinds of people in the world, The Irish And those who wish they were.

You must live with a person to know a person. If you want to know me come and live with me.

Everyone is wise till he speaks.

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